EP is coming soon


Hi friends the countdown to the launch of my debut ep begins! It has been a longtime in the making and I’m very proud of the final product and cant wait to share it with you.

Going solo whilst terrifying at first has been a wonderful journey of self discovery. Finding my own musical identity and my feet as a songwriter with the help of some fabulous industry greats has given me wings.

I have fond memories of wintery days spent warming ourselves by the oven and pots of tea with James Roche while we wrote hello winter and may you find love.

I smile when I recall Barb crying when we got a lyric right and Adi playing air drums when he got excited about a track. :)

Steve Balbi telling me my voice was special.

Such precious memories and the reason I am excited to tell you that the ep will be avail for you all to hear, see and touch on 20/07/2012

Watch this space :)


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