Fear & Wonder


Hi Friends

New song alert!!!!

It’s been a while since I released any new music and thought it was about time.

The new single is called Fear and Wonder and it’s all about my journey into Motherhood. I started writing this song when I was 6 months pregnant with Charlie. I think my Facebook post at the time summed everything I was feeling quite well. Certainly the beginnings of this song helped me express those emotions and make some sense of what I was feeling.

9 Months is a long time to wait for anything, let alone something filled with equal measures of fear and excitement. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t approaching my due date with a mix of emotions. Of course there is the expected joy and anticipation of meeting this little human that we have created but with it also comes a sense of mourning, of saying goodbye to the girl that was, the life that was… perhaps some fear of the unknown…. So here’s a (very rough) song I wrote about my journey into motherhood. Only 9 weeks to go!!! Eeeek!

And here I am again, 4 months pregnant with our daughter and it seems the perfect time to finally finish this song, give it wings and see if it flies.

Release Date 1st May 2015

I hope you enjoy.


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