Super Battles

Hi Friends,

It’s been a while since I touched base and thought it was about time I gave you an update. Allow me to pick up where we left off….. The Voice Super Battles!

So I’d just made it through the Battle round. By made it I mean got my butt whooped in the best possible way by Miss Sarah Jane Valentine and saved by Jessie J. I was now team Jessie and feeling pretty great. The battle round was behind me, I survived, no more fighting it out with my fellow contestants for a spot on the show…. WRONG!!!! Forget going head to head with just one, now you have to go back into the ring with two contestants. Urgh! My heart sank when I heard that. I found the battle rounds so challenging. Obviously I knew what I signed up when I auditioned but I didn’t actually expect to make it to a battle round! Going head to head with another member of your own team that you’ve come to respect, love and trust just doesn’t feel right.

So Simi and Ellie were fast tracked straight to the lives (where they now remain) and the rest of Team Jessie were split into 2 teams of 3 and left to battle it out for her last two remaining spots. I wasn’t feeling confident. I was brand new to Team Jessie, she had a relationship with the others, an invested interest. I was just the girl who didn’t pick her in the blinds. Does she hate me? Why would she pick me? I held onto the fact that she saw something in my blind audition. She wasn’t holding my last performance against me and I still had time to win her over.

So I was put with the two babies of team Jessie. Ethan and Mahalete. And much like Ellie I was left in awe wondering how these kids can have so much talent at such a young age. I had no idea who I was as an artist at 18, at 25, at 30, in fact I’m still figuring it out!
Our theme was heartbreak and I was signing You Ruin Me by The Veronica’s which unlike my previous song I was pretty happy about it. I felt there was enough space in that song for me to shine and enough emotionĀ  to connect with and tell a story in the space of 90 seconds.
Rehearsals went well, Jessie’s main focus was on Ethan and particularly Mahalate who she admitted on the night was her favourite. Mahalate shone in rehearsals with Jessie coaching her to a totally new level. It was amazing to watch the transformation of this beautiful girl and see the artistry clicking into place. Ethan’s tone melts me every time and his ability to control his vibrato and the depth and heights of his voice had me fan girling pretty hard. I was gutted only one of us would go through.
When it came to the actual performance I think we all delivered under our potential that night but it’s a pressure cooker environment. The lights, the camera’s, the audience and the weight of the performance all get to you and harnessing those nerves and distractions take time. Each week I got better at handling them. I really wanted to have a moment on the show where I walked off stage and thought “smashed that” but I never got there.
So we sang and Jessie picked me. You as the audience saw about 2 mins of her deliberation but in reality it went for well over 20 minutes. She really wanted to put Mahalate through. She had seen the potential in rehearsal, she had seen greatness. But she was a wildcard. She delivered in rehearsal but could she deliver when it counted? I was the safe bet with Ricky and The Maddens both agreeing I was more ready for the live shows. This was one moment in the show where I felt my age and maturity as a performing actually worked for me!
4113679529001_4373705380001_TheVoice-AU-s04-Ep13-clip2819-3847-stillSo I got through! Top 16 Baby! Headed to Lives.
Cath Adams also smashed it out of the park, taking the final spot on Team Jessie. That was a hectic battle and I had no idea how Jessie would pick between them. Both Jason and Chris remain favorites of mine for their uniqueness and gorgeous tones. We lost so many great singers in those rounds. I must implore you the public. Please don’t forget them, don’t forget us. Check out their music, go to their shows, support them. Let’s put more Aussie muso’s on the map here.
4113679529001_4373710851001_TheVoice-AU-s04-Ep13-clip2815-3835-stillSo back to the Lives….

“Wonder when they are?” I thought. I was due to give birth September 7 but that was ages away. No worries…. I must admit I did start to get a bit nervous when the first thing one of the producers said to me when I got off stage was “Ok when are you due again?” Found out the next day there would be a 3 month production break and we’d be back in August.

“Ahhhh crap”.


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