AmberStripes.ashxHello there! If you’ve found yourself here it’s probably because you’ve caught an episode of the Voice and seen my crazy head doing some crazy stuff like going into a boxing ring and trying to out sing a mate. Not what I would call my comfort zone but WOW what an experience! I first got the call round Christmas time way back when, saying the producers would like to meet me and to come to Sydney and sing 3 songs for them. I collapsed on the ground after my first song because I forgot to breathe I was so nervous. In a giggly, tension releasing kinda way but still completely awkward. They laughed it off thankfully and that was the beginning of a journey that has completely scared the pants off me but also been one of the most exciting things I’ve done to date. Anybody seen the latest Megan Washington ad for Libra where she talks about anything great she’s achieved in her life has been on the threshold of immense fear? Can totally relate. That’s taken from her Tedx talk by the way, which you should watch. She talks about suffering from a stutter and how when she is singing that is the only time she doesn’t struggle with a speech impediment and she is free. Very inspiring.

So I’ve posted a link below to my first Blind Audition. Pretty amazing experience turning 4 chairs. Still doesn’t really seem real. With the break between filming and air time you could almost convince yourself that it didn’t actually happen. People ask me what’s it like seeing yourself on TV and watching it back. Truly hideous if I’m being honest! You know when you see yourself on film and hear yourself talking on camera and you can’t reconcile what you are seeing and hearing to what it’s like in your head? Well times that by a million. It’s like watching a different person up there and the whole time thinking “What the hell is she doing?” “Why is she wearing that tiny hat?”

1435576876468I liken the blind audition round to jumping out of a plane (which I did for my hens and it was amazing). That is the only time I have experienced that much adrenalin pumping through my body (sorry except the time that I was followed and nearly robbed in Brixton). So the fact that I had sung that song a million times, new all the licks and everything I wanted to do meant nothing as I hadn’t practiced the song whilst jumping out of a plane. In the moment I told myself you’re just performing for people in the crowd. There are no coaches behind those chairs and there are no TV camera’s. It worked for about 20 seconds until Jessie turned then it hit me and everything I had rehearsed was out the window. But who cares I turned 4 chairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still cannot believe it.

index Blind Audition

You go on stage thinking please can just one turn, I don’t want to be humiliated on national TV. You never think 4 will. Well I didn’t. Still find it hard to listen to that performance and hear what they turned around for but I’m working on my confidence and believing in myself and every round I get through is helping with that. As is the comments I’ve been receiving from friends and strangers throughout this process. People always say “your probably sick of hearing this” and I want to scream “no, no I’m not!”. Tell me your thoughts, I read and appreciate every comment, every message. They mean the world to me. Talk to me about this journey. I’m not sick of talking about it, are you kidding? This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me!! Other than giving birth of course and while I’m at it, marrying my husband. But it’s up there and I want to share it with as many people as possible!

So then we had the battle rounds. People always ask. “What’s the vibe around the contestants, is everyone super competitive?” Actually no. Being plucked out of your daily lives and put into a community of people that wanna sing all day, have the same passion and working towards the same thing as you is a dream! There’s a lot of time spent waiting around on The Voice, waiting for sound check, waiting for makeup, waiting for to go on stage so to be able to chill with these people, kill time singing with them is what heaven looks like for me. A bunch of singers, singing. As much as my husband loves my singing he’ll sometimes have to ask me “do you think we could just have a small break from your singing?” I do it constantly, when I’m cooking, when I’m getting ready. And it’s not pretty, I’m trying runs, going for notes I can’t hit. So I get it, he needs some quiet. So being surround by all these other like minded humans who just want to sing ALL DAY and never get tired of it. Heaven :)

So I was paired up with Sarah Valentine the wedding singer for the Battle Rounds. And just so you know, she is funny, like really laugh out loud funny. She’s a great girl and despite the situation we couldn’t help but become good friends. I have so much respect for her and her talent. I also want to point out that when we got the song we were both crapping ourselves. We are TEAM slightly alternative, left of pop BALLAD, that’s why they put us together. That’s why they gave us this song. To push us. And whilst I know a lot of the comments along the lines of “that song totally favored Sarah” came from a place of wanting to support me, this doesn’t give her the credit she deserves. The reality is that the song was scary for both of us. Totally outside of our comfort zones and on the night she showed up. She wasn’t intimidated and she went for it and was the better singer, the better performer. Seriously, some of those looks she was giving me made me pee a little!

Exhibit A – Talk about showing up!

Thebattles17She was intense and that’s what they asked for. I’m a better singer for having gone through the process and having sung with her. But please if I’m ever at your local pub and you try to battle me, don’t. I still might cry. It’s not something I’m in a hurry to repeat. Oh wait, that’s right next week we go into the SuperBattles!!! Ahhh crap.

I do think I’m learning more about my voice as this journey continues and I do think that I have it in me to take on a song like that but I needed more time, more confidence and I needed to (pardon the pun) shake off those fears. Sarah did that, that’s why she won. And I’m proud of her. And now I’m with Jessie!! Couldn’t have asked for a better outcome! Check out our Battle below.

Sarah Valentine Vs Amber Nichols

Sarah-Valentine-vs-Amber-Nichols-the-Voice-Australia 4113679529001_4359645388001_TheVoice-AU-s04-Ep10-clip2758-3708-stillSo Super Battles are next. Stick with me. Watch this space and I’ll update you after the next round and let you in on all the goss moving over to Team Jessie. Sorry ladies I don’t have any goss on the boys or in particular their wives. Was very tempted to ask how Cameron was doing but I held back. One thing I will say is the boys smell amazing. That’s my strongest memory from the Blinds. Their scent when they congratulated me. Weird…. Ok signing off. Ready for Jessie to kick my butt into gear vocally and do the best I can for you.



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